Requests for Project Review

Requests for Project Review initiate Section 106 consultation with the DHR.


The consultation process under Section 106 and/or RSA 227C:9 begins with the DHR when we receive a completed Request for Project Review (RPR). Project proponents must submit an RPR. There are two RPR options, one specifically for transportation projects and one for all other projects. Although similar, please use the appropriate version for your project and follow the Instructions attached to the form. These procedures minimize delays caused by incomplete information submitted at the time of the initial review request.

Consultation under Section 106 and/or RSA 227C:9 is most successful when project proponents start the process early in project planning to allow time in the schedule for informed decision making as well as increased flexibility in project design. Although the DHR must respond to a completed RPR submission within 30 days, and our response time is often faster, the RPR simply initiates the consultation process with the DHR. Often an RPR response will also complete the consultation process, however the length of consultation will ultimately depend on a variety of factors including the nature of potential project impacts and resources. To submit a request for project review please mail the completed RPR Form along with a self-addressed stamped envelope and required materials to:

NH Division of Historical Resources
State Historic Preservation Office
Attention: Review & Compliance
172 Pembroke Road
Concord, NH 03301

To submit a request for project review for transportation projects please follow submission guidance provided by the NHDOT Cultural Resources Program.

When submitting additional information on a project already received by DHR please include the assigned RPR number.

These forms cannot be filed electronically; they must be printed, and a hardcopy mailed according to the instruction on the form.

Additional Project Review Submission Materials

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