Project Review Coordination FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Project Review Coordination.

When should I start the Section 106 review process?

You should start the process as early as possible in the project planning process. Section 106 review should proceed before other environmental reviews in order to prevent project delays. 36 CFR § 800.1(c).

How do I start the Section 106 review process?

To initiate Section 106 review in New Hampshire, submit a completed Request for Project Review form (RPR) to the DHR. The RPR must be submitted by mail (project submissions will not be accepted via fax or email). The DHR submits its comments to project proponents in writing, not by telephone or email.

Who can complete a Request for Project Review form (RPR)?

The RPR must be completed by the federal agency, project proponent, or appointed agent.

How do I get a Request for Project Review form?

The Request for Project Review and instructions for completing the form can be downloaded from the DHR website.

How do I know if my project is transportation related?

A transportation-related project generally includes any projects where the lead federal agency is organizationally under the U.S. Department of Transportation, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation is involved in any way, and/or the project scope involves transportation infrastructure.

How can I access topographic maps and geographic coordinates as requested in the RPR form?

The DHR asks that the relevant portion of a 7.5 USGS map indicating the defined project boundary be attached to the RPR form. USGS topographic maps and State Plane coordinates can be printed or downloaded free of charge from UNH’s GRANITView website. USGS topographic maps and State Plane coordinates are available through a variety of sources. Topo Maps can be printed or downloaded free of charge from UNH’s GRANITView website. If you are unfamiliar with using this mapping tool, please see instructions below. If you are using a mapping service other than GranitView make sure the coordinate system is set to NH State Plane, Feet (WGS84 datum). An example of NH State Plane coordinates for the State House in Concord is Easting: 1018526 Northing: 257678.

Instructions on How to Use GRANITView to Access Geographical Coordinates and Topo Maps  

What will the DHR do with a completed RPR?

Once received at the DHR, the RPR will be reviewed by our professional staff. Within 30 days of receipt, we will respond in writing. The response may include information on:

  • whether the project is likely to affect historic or archaeological properties,
  • whether further DHR review is required,
  • whether additional information is needed to assess the likelihood that historic or archaeological properties will be affected by the proposed project, and
  • whether an archaeological survey or historic study of the property is warranted

If, after review of the RPR submittal, the DHR determines that the project is unlikely to affect significant historic or archaeological resources, then the SHPO review is complete.

Coordinate with NHDOT to finalize the Section 106 process for transportation projects.

How long does Section 106 review take?

The DHR comments on all projects within 30 days from receipt of the RPR. In order to expedite the process, please make sure your submittal package is as complete as possible, including all materials and information requested within the RPR. Please keep in mind that some projects require the submittal of additional information including inventory forms, archeological reports etc. which may necessitate additional consultation with the DHR.

What can I do to have my review expedited?

The best way to have your review expedited is to make sure the information submitted is complete, so that the DHR does not need to request additional information.

Should I call or email the DHR to inquire as to the status of the review my project?

It is not advisable. Telephoning the DHR can actually result in a delay in our response time due to our limited staffing. However, if you submitted a project and have not received a response within 30 days, please send an email to

Should I meet with DHR staff to present my project information in person?

No. Send in a completed Request for Project Review. DHR staff will review it and request a meeting, if needed.

Will DHR review delay a project?

There is no reason that DHR review should delay a project as long as the project planners contact the DHR (by submitting an RPR) early in the project planning process. Delays are most frequently caused when project planners do not initiate DHR review early in the planning process or submit incomplete information.

Can the Section 106 review process stop a project?

No. The Advisory Council, SHPO, and the review process cannot stop a project.